Friday, 15 March 2013

Things I Made Thursday

Yes, it's Friday, but I still baked yesterday!  Chocolate flapjack was the order of the day (demanded by my 4 year old for his lunchbox!)

chocolate flapjack
It wasn't quite as chocolaty as usual because I ran out of cocoa, but it was still met with approval from all parties, and is our number 1 lunch box filler!

I also made a few things ahead for our meals this week, including rocket pesto:

rocket pesto

And vegetarian lasagne!

 The seeds I planted last week have started to germinate, although only the peas so far:

I love how alien-like it looks at the moment!  No sign yet of the melons, cucumbers or peppers, although it has been very cold again, even inside the house.  

I moved the kale from last year's crop from the front to the back garden.  I am not sure what will happen to it in its second year - whether it will produce flowers and run to seed?  Very much an experiment to see what happens.  We had a great crop last year from it and I was pleased how easily it over-wintered.  I haven't got kale seeds for this season, so all kale hopes are pinned on this!

I planted some parsnip seeds out in a large tub too.  Last year the never ending wet season meant the parsnips rotted, so I am hoping for a better crop this year.  I will sow some in the ground at a later date too.  The aim with these is to get some for Christmas lunch!  

My chillies and tomatoes on the windowsill are doing well, I will post more pictures next week.  The coriander have died though.  I have a feeling the cat may have sat on them... I will have to plant some more, probably next week!

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