Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Get outside it's Spring!

It's the school holidays and the sun is shining, surely Spring is here by now?  Well actually, yes, it is!  It's still a little on the cool side, but it's certainly more inviting out there and I have been out in the garden today, raking soil, marking out lines for sowing and even planting some of the hardier seeds!  I sowed carrots, radish and spring onions today, just a few of each in case the hard frosts we are still having prevent germination. 
radish, spring onion and carrot, next to the kale plants and raspberry canes
We sorted out the greenhouse over the bank holiday weekend, so the guinea pigs' hutch was moved out into the garden again and my mini-greenhouse was moved under the glass of our rickety greenhouse structure!  I had a good tidy up and planted planted out some of the tomato seedlings into bigger pots, which I have been nurturing inside.  I also sowed a trough of carrot seeds and I sowed rocket, lettuce, leeks, peas, and cabbage out into trays in the greenhouse.  I also moved the tray of beetroot seedlings out there and a tray of seeds I am waiting to germinate (cucumber, melon and peppers) which so far have done very little. 
hutch in new position

Seedlings in place under glass

Around the garden there are many signs of life now.  The kale from last season has woken back up and is a stunning purple colour at the moment.  The rhubarb has also started growing, although it looks almost alien-like at the moment!


 And I finished the layers of my rainbow cake today, so it is ready now to assemble next week: 

rainbow cake

 I will leave you with this picture which sums up how lovely it is out there today!